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Ammann’s asphalt plant innovations

First Publishedin bauma China
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Ammann BlackMove II plant
The BlackMove II plant is moved to site in six semi-trailers with each component already tested in the factory for fast installation

Asphalt plant technology will be the key focus for Ammann at bauma China.

The firm is introducing its BlackMove and ColdMix technologies to the Chinese market at the exhibition.

The BlackMove II system offers a capacity of 160–320tonnes/hour, making it a high capacity plant that also offers mobility. Rapid on-site assembly is possible for the plant which comes in six semi-trailers and customers can choose from a wide range of feed systems.

According to Ammann, the BlackMove II is the highest capacity mobile asphalt mixing plant on the market and is well suited for use on large construction sites located away from major centres. The individual elements of the mixing plant are function tested in the factory, while assembly and commissioning on-site involves connecting the standard interfaces. The Black Move II is available with outputs of 160, 200, 240 and 320tonnes/hour and its advanced design allows a wide range of optional expansions such as an RA-cold feed and a fibrous and doping material feed, which can be retrofitted.

Ammann’s ColdMix I offers outputs from 130–200tonnes/hour and is a versatile, continuous cold mixing plant. This compact plant is said to offer excellent mixing performance and asphalt quality combined with low - cost transport, a modular plant concept and can be moved with a customer’s own staff, transport and lifting gear. The ColdMix is a compact and efficient cold mixing plant aimed at increasing demand for this technology due to rising fuel prices and tougher environmental regulations.
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Ammann ColdMix system
The Ammann ColdMix system offers versatility and ease of transport
Asphalt with foamed bitumen, emulsion-based cold asphalt and also hydraulically bonded bearing layers can be manufactured with a cold mix.

Foam Asphalt has become much more popular in recent years as it is a simple and effective method of producing cold asphalt. Water is sprayed through nozzles into the hot bitumen under pressure.

The water expands explosively when the pressure is released, resulting in a fine bitumen foam that can easily be used to coat the cold aggregate substances. The quality of the cold mix can be changed by adding RA and cement and this mix is laid conventionally with finishers.

Bitumen emulsion can be mixed with virgin material and recycled asphalt to produce bitumen-bonded base courses. Although the aggregates do not have to be heated, the use of the emulsion achieves adequate wetting of the aggregates with the bitumen. The strength achieved in this way is adequate for the requirements of a high-quality base course.

New aggregates, water and cement are the ingredients for hydraulically bonded base courses. These are produced directly on-site with the Cold Mix I and are brought to the site with the finisher. The wheel-mounted mobile Cold Mix I is highly mobile and offers an output of 130–200tonnes/hour , as well as easy operation and low-maintenance.
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