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Cat showcases CB534D XW compactor at bauma China 2012

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Cat CB534D XW
Cat showcases CB534D XW compactor
Caterpillar has its CB534D XW (pictured) and CB534D twin drum compactors at bauma China 2012.

Sharing a 4.93m length measurement, the CB534D XW weighs 11.3tonnes and has 2m wide drums; while the CB534D is a lighter 10.4tonnes and has 1.7m wide drums.

Designed mainly for use in asphalt applications, the hard-wearing duo can also be used for soil compaction.
Said by Cat to be easy to operate due to their in-built automatic speed control, which, in turn, leads to impressive compaction results, the CB534D XW and CB534D are said to have low serving costs and high utilisation rates.
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