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Cat showcases road machines

First Publishedin bauma China
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Cat CB534 XW compactor
The CB534 XW compactor is a wide drum machine that can be used in an array of asphalt applications requiring a high production machine

Caterpillar Global Paving is exhibiting an array of machines at bauma China, which are aimed at applications in the Chinese and Asian markets

The CB534 and CB534 XW twin drum compactors are designed for use in asphalt applications, with power from Caterpillar C3054 diesels rated at 97kW. Both models measure 4.93m long, with the CB534 weighing 10.4tonnes and featuring 1.7m wide drums while the CB534 XW weighs 11.3tonnes and has 2m wide drums.

The hydrostatic drives feature two speed ranges of 0-7.3km/h and 0-13km/h. Dual vibration and dual amplitude features are fitted while a five amplitude system is available. The automatic speed control helps make the machines easy to operate and deliver good compaction results, while servicing costs are said to be low and utilisation rates high.

The UCOM utility compactors are designed for smaller jobs in urban areas where space is at a premium. Versatile and durable, these small twin drum rollers are primarily designed for use in asphalt applications but can also be used to compact soil. Weights range from 1.62-3.67tonnes, while drum widths range from 0.8-1.4m. Power outputs range from 16.1-34.1kW. Designed for durability and reliability the machines offer long service intervals and low running costs.

The SCOM smooth drum rollers from Caterpillar are designed for use in an array of soil compaction applications, with models ranging from 7.2-18.4tonnes. Similar performance features are seen throughout the line-up, such as Caterpillar engines and drivelines and the maintenance-free vibratory system. Caterpillar claims its propel system to be the best-in-class for reliability and durability, as well as lowering servicing costs.  Meanwhile compaction productivity and performance can be optimised using the optional AccuGrade machine control technology.

The powerful RM500 reclaimer tips the scales at 28.15tonnes and offers a reclaiming width of 2.44m, with a maximum cutting depth of up to 508mm. Maximum travel speed is 9.2km/h, while maximum operating speed is 3.2/km/h and power comes from a Caterpillar C15 diesel rated 403kW. The operator can select different rotor speeds to suit the job in hand, with settings of 110, 152 and 205rpm, while their customers can select rotors for universal, combination or soil applications.

Caterpillar’s PM200 milling machine competes in the 2m class and weighs in at 30.1tonnes when loaded with fuel and water for use on-site, and 28tonnes for shipping. The machine is driven by a Caterpillar C18 diesel rated at 429kW, allowing travel speeds of up to 5.9km/h and working speeds of 38m/min. Cutting depths of 320mm can be achieved and customers can select drum types and pick configurations to suit the application.

The company is also promoting the well-proven AP655D asphalt paver at bauma China, although this machine will not be on show. This mid-range paver weighs in at 19.2tonnes and its AS4251C screed comes with a choice of LPG or electric heating and offers paving widths of 2.55-5m in standard format, although this can be reduced to 1.83m if required or increased to 8m by fitting bolt-on extensions. An AS4252 screed with electric heating can also be fitted to this machine if required. The 6.5m3 capacity hopper offers a truck dump height of 605mm and features a novel materials transport system that ensures consistent flow to the screed and helps minimise segregation during paving. Power comes from a Caterpillar C6.6 diesel rated at 129kW that allows a maximum travel speed of up to 14.5km/h, while its rubber Mobil-Trac undercarriage provides mobility on-site, as well as stability for paving. Steel tracks are available also, if required.
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