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China’s hoist up

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China’s Second National Hoisting Skill Competition commenced recently at Xuzhou Heavy Machinery (XCMG), attracting 29 companies including Sinopec and CNPC. In addition, private enterprises such as Shandong Haiwan and Guangdong Lift Engineering Machinery also designated performers to attend the competition.

Safety is a key focus of this event. China’s hoisting industry has grown by nearly 10 times within the past 10 years, however many accidents still occur. There is also a recognised distance between skill levels of Chinese crane operators and those of international standard, which this event aims to change.

Lu Chuan, vice-president of XCMG, pointed out that while Chinese firms are making breakthroughs in technology, manufacturers should also help foster good operation and skills to boost safety. By working with crane firms and operators, Chinese manufacturers can help improve standards and also make this sector more efficient.

In 2009, XCMG joined with six major industry associations to start the National Hoisting Skill Competition. This event has helped in improving the skills of operators and is the only national skill competition in the field of hoisting. This combines theory and practice with project application; aiming to select highly trained hoisting operators to raise the hoisting skill levels and competitiveness of Chinese companies.

In 2012, XCMG and the Construction Branch of China’s Architecture Association jointly published the Practical Handbook of Large Equipment Hoisting Engineering. This publication brought together experience of over 100 experts from manufacturing and large-scale hoisting companies. Moreover, in 2012, 15 training facilities for crane operators have been set up by XCMG, making major breakthroughs in virtual simulation training technology for ultra-capacity cranes.

A few months ago, Lu Chuan, vice-president of XCMG and general manager of Xuzhou Heavy Machinery made a speech at the World Crane Summit in Beijing. Lu emphasised that both the crane industry and XCMG are paying close attention to improving operator skills as well as machine technology.
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