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Liugong R&D vice president tells of significance of HSW-Desstra link-up

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David Beatenbough, vice president of LiuGong
The Polish factory LiuGong acquired will play a strategic role in developing the firm's international market presence according to David Beatenbough, vice president of LiuGong research and development

David Beatenbough, vice president of LiuGong research and development, has talked about the importance of the Chinese construction manufacturing equipment giant’s purchase earlier this year of Poland-based HSW and its Dressta distribution subsidiary.

Speaking during a LiuGong press conference at Bauma China 2012, he said: “The acquisition of Dressta was LiuGong’s first significant acquisition overseas so it was very important to us. This year was mostly a year of rebuilding and reforming foundations in Dressta. We’ve done a great deal to improve the efficiency in the factory already. 

Within the first three months of owning the company we started the production of wheeled loaders and excavators in Poland. This gives us a strong European base for the future.

“For Dressta we’re also expanding around the world with some of the finest bulldozers in the world, and you’ll see a couple of examples out there today [bauma, China 2012 showground].”

Beatenbough said that from LiuGong’s Dressta base in Poland, the company has a “very strong place to begin growth for the future”. On the development of LiuGong’s wheeled loader offering for Chinese customers, Beatenbough added: “For wheeled loader technology, the market is very experienced in China. Customers know exactly what they want to see in a wheeled loader. But every customer wants to see more reliability, they want to see better efficiency, and also more comfort in the machine. So our developments in wheeled loaders are focusing on those three areas.

We have an advantage because we work in so many markets around the world we see what other markets are looking for in technology for wheeled loaders. We have a chance to learn about those technologies and develop them for the China market.”

On LiuGong’s wheeled loader presence at bauma China 2012, Beatenbough said: “You can see out here today we have a liquid natural gas machine for special applications, which operates at much higher efficiency than a traditional diesel engine. We have a high tip bucket on our new model 890. Many things are going on.” 

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