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New grader available from SEM

First publishedon www.DailyNews-Online.com/Bauma-China
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The SEM 922 grader is aimed at sales into the Chinese market and for use by contractors carrying out large earthworks projects. Equipped with all-wheel-drive, the SEM 922 is said to be able to achieve high tractive effort in poor underfoot conditions or on wet terrain. It also has a steering compensation system that provides more control when turning under full power, minimising tyre scrubbing at the front axle and also reducing damage to any freshly graded surface. Dual displacement motors are said to maximise torque delivery and the load sensing hydraulics increase operating efficiency. The cab is said to be ergonomic and reduce operator fatigue, with controls that are easy to use and require minimal effort. Meanwhile maintenance is said to be easy to further reduce downtime and cut servicing costs. The SEM 922 shares features with Caterpillar’s proven grader line but is aimed at customers in China and developing countries, while it is marketed through a separate distribution chain from the Caterpillar brand machines.
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