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Shantui’s US$18mn Middle East contract

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The Dubai branch office of Shantui Construction Machinery recently scored a deal with a Middle Eastern client worth US$18 million.

Negotiations began in July, and concluded with an order for a total of 205 units. This marks the largest contract signed by Shantui in the Middle East. Included in the order is a wide array of products such as bulldozers, excavators, wheeled loaders and forklifts.

“This is a huge step forward for Shantui in an ever-growing market,” said Jackie Chang, general manager of Shantui’s Dubai subsidiary, covering the Middle East and Northern Africa. “The increased investment in infrastructure has created excellent opportunities for our diversified line of products.”

Aware of the increasing demand in the region, and seeking to meet the needs of the customer, Shantui has constantly been developing new and innovative technologies with desert conditions in mind. The power trains and hydraulics on machinery such as the SD32D and SD42D bulldozers, and now certain Shantui excavators and wheeled loaders, are designed to operate in harsh desert sands and temperatures. The dozers come off the production line already configured for desert conditions.  A desert version of Shantui's top-of-the-range SD52-5 dozer is also under development.
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