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Trimble’s efficient jobsite

First Publishedin bauma China
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Trimble machine control technology
Using machine control technology on milling machines and other equipment can make significant reductions in construction costs

Trimble is presenting and demonstrating its portfolio of construction technology for heavy civil contractors at bauma China 2012.

The company offers a broad array of technology for the contractor, including solutions for both machines and personnel on the construction site.

Key presentations from Trimble at bauma China include its range of machine control solutions for excavators, dozers, motor graders, soil and asphalt compactors, milling machines and pavers. The firm’s grade control systems enable contractors to increase efficiency in earthmoving operations and decrease costs by working faster, with more accuracy and reduced rework. The paving solutions help reduce costs when building new roads and resurfacing existing links by minimising the quantities of costly asphalt required.

In addition, Trimble will feature its Flex family of machine control solutions, which aims at use by small to mid-sized contractors. The rugged GCSFlex for excavators and CCSFlex for soil and asphalt compactors are easy-to-install, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. They are designed to offer a reliable, flexible and affordable option to leverage machine control technology and make them more competitive.

Trimble will also feature its off machine portfolio of Site Positioning Systems for the construction surveyor, supervisor, grade checker and other personnel on the job site.

Using Trimble Site Positioning Systems, users can perform topographic surveys, grade checking, volume measurements and as-built surveys. Work at every stage of earthmoving and paving can be performed faster, with fewer errors and less material costs.
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