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Vögele’s bespoke Chinese paver

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Vögele robust and productive paver
Vögele is offering a robust and productive paver aimed at use by Chinese contractors

The Vögele road paver SUPER 1800-2 HD has been specially developed to meet the requirements of road construction in China.

This heavy-duty machine can be used for placing cold, coarse-grained materials such as cement-treated base (CTB). The paver is designed to cope with the abrasive wear caused by these mixes, increasing its durability.

Its SB300HD fixed-width screed is also designed for roadbase applications. It allows thick layers to be paved true to line and level with a maximum degree of pre-compaction. According to the firm, these features make the SUPER 1800-2 HD highly suitable for roadbase jobs.

The material hopper of the SUPER 1800-2 HD has been specially adapted to the feed vehicles used in China. Any mix lorry can dock onto the SUPER 1800-2 HD, as it has extra length at 2.42m and a low feed height of just 560mm. In addition, the wide, oscillating push-rollers can be moved 100mm forwards in order to make material transfer more comfortable, whatever mix lorry is used. The hopper can hold up to 15tonnes of material, allowing fast unloading from trucks and ensuring there is sufficient mix while the delivery trucks are being changed over.

High material throughput is important, particularly where extensive road construction projects with non-bituminous, abrasive materials are involved. The paver has a wear-resistant design for the bottom plates and return pulleys on its conveyors. In addition, reinforced guards in the conveyor tunnel and on the chassis reduce abrasive wear.

Augers designed for roadbase and base courses ensure optimum spreading of the material in front of the screed. The 420mm auger blades allow the material to be spread evenly across the entire pave width.

The machine is powered by a modern, liquid-cooled Perkins engine rated at 129.6kW., with three speed ranges that can be selected at the push of a button. The ECO mode is sufficient for 70-80% of all paving jobs and this helps reduce fuel consumption, wear and noise.

The SB300HD screed has been developed for placing CTB for roadbase and its deep screed plates ensure good floating behaviour. The tamper stroke length can be set to 7, 9 or 10mm, depending on the layer thickness and paving material. Combined with the special tamper geometry, this makes for very high compaction values. Fixed bolt-on extensions are available to build up the screed from its basic width  of 3m to 8m. Hydraulically adjustable side plates allow the pave width to be varied by up to 250mm on each  side.
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