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XCMG unveils new ADT design

First Publishedon www.DailyNews-Online.com/Bauma-China
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XCMG all-wheel-drive new DAE60 ADT machine
Productive hauling cycles are claimed for XCMG's new DAE60 ADT

XCMG has unveiled a novel ADT design at Bauma China, the DAE60. This machine features all-wheel-drive and uses a single axle at the rear, with drive casings that can rotate about the ends of this axles and dual wheels for each casing. A key feature is its use of diesel-electric drive, with the engine coupled directly to an AC generator that in turn powers the wheel motors. Top speed is 45km/h while the truck can carry up to 60tonnes and has a gross vehicle weight of over 100tonnes.

The design is said to allow good all terrain capability as the wheels can cope with very uneven ground, without losing traction. The machine has a cooling pack to the rear of the cab, with a wide but low, sloping engine cover at the front to ensure forward visibility. The highly individual style of the cab is said to allow good all round visibility also, as well as providing plenty of space for the operator. High performance is claimed and the truck is said to have a large load capacity in its long dumpbody. The hitch joint is said to be designed to improve weight distribution and also ensure high stability. Other features include a small turning circle for manoeuvrability,, automatic lubrication and ease of maintenance.

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