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Zoomlion’s mighty wheeled crane

First Publishedon www.DailyNews-Online.com/Bauma-China
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Zoomlion ZACB01 crane
A series of patented new features ensure that Zoomlion's massive ZACB01 crane offers enormous lifting capacity combined with ease of control and high safety standards

Luo Kai, deputy general manager of Zoomlion Construction Crane Branch said that the Zoomlion ZACB01 is now the world’s largest wheeled crane and that this launch highlights the firm’s high profile in the lifting sector.

This machine features a series of technical innovations and is equipped with an elliptical cross-section leg structure; a honeycomb structure; a sequential cable system; a super hoisting mechanism; and active compensation. Other innovations include an active control to monitor cable length, a variable amplitude arm structure and a sophisticated control system for the dual engines.

Zhang Jianjun, technical director of Zoomlion Construction Crane Branch said, “More than 80 proprietary technical patents have been applied during the research and development process.”

He added that the machine benefits from a series of technical innovations that have resulted from intensive work by the firm’s R&D personnel, to meet customer demands. Instead of the rectangular chassis used in conventional crane design this new machine has been developed with the innovative honeycomb structure, which is a key to its performance.

According to the firm, this configuration allows for better and more efficient distribution of stresses under load. The design is also said to boost safety and comfort for the customer during operation. The special hoisting mechanism and control system with its active compensation tackle both boom deflection and bending in the horizontal plane. The constant-power, slewing control system reduces additional inertial loads generated during slewing start-up, further improving safety and reliability during hoisting.

The ZACB01 is a modular construction, which helps reduce assembly time from an average of 6-4 hours and increases working efficiency for the customer: the nine axle layout with its three axle dual-power system further matching the turning co-ordination of front and rear power systems in real time. The system also deals with the problems of power delivery for ultra-large vehicles while complying with road regulations.

These innovations combine to provide an ultra-large tonnage wheeled crane, and highlight Zoomlion’s expertise and manufacturing technologies for this market segment. Zhang said, “In recent years, Zoomlion mastered a series of key technologies of ultra-large all-terrain cranes with the R&D of ultra-large all-terrain crane products.” He continued that based on the use of proven technologies for large tonnage all-terrain cranes, it has become a leader in the field. The introduction of the ZACB01 with its innovative systems highlights the firm’s skills in R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

Meanwhile, Zhang Jianjun emphasised that the Zhas been developed to meet market demand, particularly with regard to its lifting height and lifting capability. The maximum lifting capacity is in excess of 1000tonnes and the maximum lifting height can be up to 160m.

The ZACB01 has not been developed for the sake of it, but is intended to supply genuine market needs according to the firm. Zheng Bo, deputy general manager of Zoomlion Construction Crane Branch said that the ZACB01 is a product that benefits from technologies developed in-house, which highlights the performance capabilities of Chinese all-terrain cranes and will further consolidate the company’s increasingly strong market position.
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