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Zoomlion’s world record boom pump

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Zoomlion  101m boom concrete pump
Zoomlion has put its record breaking 101m boom concrete pump through an extensive testing programme during its development to ensure its high performance and high safety standards will be maintained throughout its operating life

Zoomlion has unveiled its innovative new truck-mounted concrete pump, which features a 101m boom.

This innovative 101m unit is now a world record holder as the longest truck-mounted concrete boom pump. The machine was launched on the 20th anniversary of Zoomlion and is one of a new generation of products developed by Zoomlion and its Italian CIFA operation. The new machine has been developed from the existing 80m truck-mounted pumps, with its innovative lightweight composite boom being a key feature of the design.

The new 101m boom machine benefits from several patented technologies.

The seven section carbon fibre boom decreases the truck-mounted pump boom weight by more than 40% and also provides a solution to the problem of fatigue cracking that can occur with a conventional steel boom. According to Zoomlion, the radical new carbon fibre boom extends the service life to more than 20 years and helps cut overall machine weight by 15%.

In addition to the high strength and low weight characteristics of the composite boom, it is also said to avoid problems of corrosion and offers low maintenance requirements. A further innovation from Zoomlion for this machine is the use of a high strength aluminum alloy ceramic concrete pipe for the wear components. Using this material for the concrete transfer pipe offers a 40% weight reduction for the component, as well as providing greater mechanical performance with an increased compressive strength that will extend its working life. Along with the carbon fibre boom, the new aluminum alloy ceramic concrete pipe further helps cut overall machine weight while reducing maintenance needs and increasing wear life.

The machine also benefits from a powerful, large displacement pumping system featuring patented technology for variable torque control of the engine output. This highly efficient system allows the machine to deliver a maximum pumping capability of more than 245m3 of concrete/hour, along with a 10% reduction in fuel consumption. According to Zoomlion, the new machine not only has the highest reach at 101m, but is also the world’s most powerful truck-mounted concrete pump.

Other benefits come from the design of the truck chassis, offering low operating costs and a reduction in fuel consumption compared to a special chassis machine. While the Zoomlion 101m machine uses a seven axle chassis, the company says a 12 axle chassis would have been required if a conventional steel boom had been used due to the extra weight.

To ensure the 101m machine would be practical, Zoomlion developed a series of innovations and other technologies to boost overall safety and reliability. The machine comes with effective boom damping and movement coordination control technology, which is said to reduce vibration in the boom by 50% for all operating modes. Patented technology is also used in the multi-stage, telescopic legs, ensuring stability whichever working position the boom is used in. By using load simulation design analysis, the firm was able to fine-tune the layout of the machine.

This has helped lower the centre of gravity and provide a better load distribution, increasing stability and reducing stress loads for the chassis. A patented control system has also been developed for the multi-section boom, increasing placing efficiency and accuracy.
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