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12 April 2016

AUSA Taurulift: an ultra-compact alternative to skid steer loaders

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Daily News
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bauma 2016 Dayile News AUSA Taurulift line
The AUSA Taurulift line is billed as smaller than skid steer loaders

AUSA’s Taurulift line of telehandlers continues to connect with customers who want an “ultracompact” lifting machine.

“The idea is to replace skid steer loaders with this ultra-compact machine,” said Josep Soler, country manager for AUSA.

The Taurulift functions in a similar way to a telehandler but also can quickly incorporate a bucket. It handles a sizeable payload as well.

The machines are extremely compact, with the lift heights of the products at 6m and below. Yet they can carry loads of 1.5 tonnes, exceeding the capacity of many skid steer loaders. Taurulifts also have better reach and lift height than most skid steers.

The Taurulifts can accommodate pallets, making them versatile. Their height enables them to access places other machines cannot enter, including garages. That makes them popular with contractors who want to haul materials into buildings that are under construction.

Key to the machines is the location of the boom. Most telehandlers have a cab on one side, the engine on another and a boom in the middle. But the Taurulift has the boom on one side and both the cab and engine on the other. This allows the size of the cab to be much larger because the space is being split in half instead of thirds.

The result is an oversized cab for such a small machine. And that cab size helps operators to fit comfortably despite the small size of the machine.
“You also can load these on regular trailers,” Soler said. “You can drive them right on the trailer.” No special permits are required.

The machines are often used in agriculture and landscape applications, as well as new construction.

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