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15 April 2016

Bell’s new truck offers increased capacity

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Daily News
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Bell B60E ADT
Bell now offers increased capacity with its new articulated truck
A key introduction coming from Bell Equipment is its highly productive, high capacity ADT. The new B60E is intended to compete in the market with smaller rigid haulers and is aimed at use in large quarry applications. Running on twin axles the truck has double tyres at the rear and is powered by an MTU diesel, while it offers a capacity of 60tonnes. Its rear dump body has been designed to be short and square in configuration, unlike conventional ADTs that tend to have longer bodies. The reason for this design is to allow the truck to be loaded more easily using a wheeled loader.

The machine has yet to enter full production but the prototype points the way for the model. The front chassis and cab are similar to the units used on the existing and proven B50 model. An unusual feature of the dump body is the use of under-body hydraulic tipping rams as seen on rigid trucks, instead of the side-mounted rams more commonly fitted to ADTs. The design of the hitch joint allows full articulation as well as oscillation, allowing the wheels to remain in contact with the ground, even on uneven terrain. This allows good traction in tough operating conditions, minimising wheel slippage and optimising both productivity and tyre life. The Kessler rear axle is a unit fitted to rigid haulers in the 70tonne payload class, which means it will last long in this application.

The firm is aiming the B60E at use in quarries with hard rock haul roads and which feature tight curves with limited space for turning. The firm says that the truck suit duties in quarries with steep ramp hauls that would defeat the use of rigid trucks, particularly in wet running conditions.

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