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12 April 2016

Indeco breaker technology cuts costs by 20%

First publishedbauma
Daily News
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Indeco’s Michele Vitulano
Indeco's Michele Vitulano: operators can “significantly” reduce cost of production
Hydraulic breaker specialist Indeco has developed new fuel-saving technology for its entire range of breakers. Compared to other breakers of the same size and capacity, Indeco’s can now deliver fuel savings of around 20%.

“If you consider quarrying, by far the biggest cost is the fuel that the excavator consumes. If you can reduce the fuel used, you reduce your overall cost of production significantly,” said Indeco’s marketing director Michele Vitulano. “Reducing fuel consumption is also important for road construction or any other activity where you are using a breaker on an excavator.”

The breakers require less oil per minute and lower operating pressures which means a lower excavator engine speed is required to operate it. Comparing Indeco breakers to other hydraulic breakers, there are fuel savings of between 15 and 20% - and savings are even greater when they are compared to gas-powered products, said Vitulano. “There is also a positive effect on the reliability of the motor and the pump, because our breakers are doing the same job with less RPMs.”

Indeco is unveiling several developments at bauma this year. This is vital to the ongoing success of the company, which celebrates 40 years in business this year, he went on. “As Western European manufacturers, we cannot compete with the Far Eastern manufacturers on price. The things we have on our side are quality, technology and reliability. Only by developing our technology continuously can we maintain that price gap.”

Indeco designs and manufactures all its attachments in its home country of Italy, and would not consider manufacturing in the Far East. “The breaker is a really complex hydraulic system – that’s why we manufacture everything ourselves, starting from the steel bar,” explained Vitulano. “If you want to make a reliable product, you must have detailed knowledge and experience of hydraulics, mechanics, metallurgy.”

Indeco has a strong customer base in Europe, the US and Australia - while South America, parts of South East Asia and the Middle East are growing markets for the manufacturer.

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