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12 April 2016

Intelligent monitoring of concrete pours cuts time on site

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Daily News
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bauma 2016 Daily News  Doka Concremote
The Concremote concrete monitor can allow contractors to strike forms earlier

Intelligent monitoring of concrete strengths is helping contractors shave weeks off construction programmes, according to formwork specialist Doka. Its Concremote system measures the temperature of the concrete, converts that to predicted strength and allows the contractor to strike the formwork when the concrete is ready – rather than waiting for a set number of days.

“Concretemote is being used on 20 to 25 projects,” said Doka’s director of research and development Johann Peneder. “In some countries we cannot fully use the advantages of Concremote due to the regulations, which are based on previous experience, but this is the first steps towards employing techniques which will give a more efficient and economical way to build.”

The latest development of the Concremote system will see formwork panels with ready-made positions for the Concremote sensor to plug into - currently it sits on top of the concrete pour. Called Concremote plug.IN, this addition will allow faster and more flexible monitoring of concrete strengths, Peneder added.

“Contractors can use products such as Concemote for long-term quality monitoring of the job sit,” he continued. “They can then add that data into the BIM model and can transfer that data to the owner.”

One of Concremote’s current applications demonstrates its benefits in countries with huge climatic variation. On Canada’s Muskrat Falls hydro power project, where temperatures can fall to minus 40degrees C, it has allowed earlier striking of forms but also ongoing monitoring of the concrete after striking. This allows the contractor to protect the concrete where necessary to avoid temperature shock - between the hot concrete and cold outside - and hence prevent damage.

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