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31 March 2016

New concrete tester from CONTROLS

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concrete tester from CONTROLS
Accurate concrete testing is offered by a new system from CONTROLS
CONTROLS says it is offering a new system that provides more accurate testing of concrete and cement. The AUTOMAX E-Modulus can be used for both the standard failure test and the determination of the Modulus of Elasticity. This modulus is a key parameter to verify the behaviour of building structures under load, such as in seismic areas or for high buildings. This determination is performed conforming various national Standards as DIN 1048/1, ASTM C469, BS 1881:121, ISO 6784, UNI 6556. The accuracy of the console depends on precise oil flow control by a double stage hydraulic pump. The unit is specifically designed and optimised for this application and powered by a variable speed DC motor with closed loop digital feedback and customised PID algorithm. The oil flow control is furthermore integrated by a Flow-Sharing device to allow loading and unloading cycles. It is compatible with both small capacity frames (for cement and mortar specimens) and high capacity frames for concrete, high strength concrete, blocks and cores.

The firm’s new Automatic digital mortar mixer features a pre-defined procedure according to Standard allowing manual introduction of sand by the top filling hopper. The sample prepared by the automatic mixer can then be tested for the setting time and consistency determination by the recent VICAMATIC2, designed using the latest developments in electronic technology, includes a color touch-screen display and makes possible the creation of a network with up to 32 independent units all controlled by a single PC.

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