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01 March 2016

Ammann Group

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Company name: Ammann Group
Address: Eisenbahnstrasse 25,
4901 Langenthal
Tel: +41 62 916 61 61
Fax: +41 62 916 64 02
Email: info.aag@ammann-group.com
Website: Ammann-group.com


Plants and machines for every stage of the construction process:

  • Asphalt plants
  • Concrete mixing plants
  • Asphalt pavers
  • Asphalt compactors
  • Soil compactors
  • Lighter hand-operated compactors
  • Other road-construction related equipment such as slip-form pavers


  • Asphalt manufacturers
  • Concrete manufacturers
  • Road-building contractors
  • General construction contractors
  • Rental equipment houses


Ammann plants and machines are sold around the world, and we continue to broaden our reach. Manufacturing facilities are located in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Germany, China, India, Italy and Brazil.


We continue to strengthen our presence in markets where we have long had a presence, including Europe. More recently we have expanded into China and the North and South American markets. We will continue to solidify our presence in all these markets.

Key themes present throughout Ammann’s diverse product range

Ammann is a 6th-generation, family-owned business that produces asphalt- and concrete-mixing plants, compactors and asphalt pavers at 9 production sites in Europe, China, India and Brazil.

The road-building business offers a glimpse into the depth of the Ammann product range. An Ammann plant can manufacture asphalt, which can be placed by an Ammann paver, and then compacted by Ammann breakdown, pneumatic and finish rollers.

Ammann Elba, a partnership that started several years ago, produces industry-leading concrete plants and mixers, providing entry into that key and complementary market.

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Ammann Product Launch  Ammann’s diverse product range
Ammann also manufactures smaller vibratory, hand-operated compactors and a variety of rammers and trench rollers – as well as compactors that attach to larger machines such as excavators.

What all Ammann products – from the largest plant to the smallest compactor – have in common is productivity and efficiency. These benefits are provided through:

Technology. Proprietary Ammann Compaction Expert (ACE) systems provide operators with the data they need to avoid unnecessary compaction passes.

Hydrostatic plate compactors feature a patented triple-shaft exciter system that keeps plate movement consistent, which in turn enables smooth movement – even through heavy, cohesive soils – and helps effortlessly overcome steep grades.

Ammann also recently unveiled the world’s first autonomous plate compactor.

Ammann technology also makes asphalt plants efficient (including the patented “zero waste” system) and helps all products accomplish more in less time. Technology also has led to “transport-optimised” concrete and asphalt plants that save time and money through hassle-free travel and easy installation. Ammann asphalt and concrete plant control systems are industry leaders, providing efficiencies and documentation at all stages of the process.

Long life. Every Ammann product features robust components that last. Ammann also is the only plant manufacturer to produce all core components in house, creating perfect fits that reduce wear. Proprietary products such as Amdurit® and Elba Wear Protection (EWP) protect components and extend life.

Easy maintenance. Every plant and machine is built to enable easy access so operators or technicians can complete their maintenance obligations quickly. Extended service intervals also reduce maintenance demands.

Innovation. Some Ammann products – including a 3-wheeled mini paver, several compactors and some asphalt and concrete plants – are so unique they simply don’t have competitors.

Other times Ammann combines industry experience with product knowledge to make existing plants and machines do amazing things. For example, the Universal HRT Plant recently produced a groundbreaking mix consisting of 99 per cent recycled materials, including toner from print cartridges, tyres and glass.

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