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28 January 2014

BOMAG broadens milling machine line-up

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Bomag BM1000
BOMAG's new compact mill is now being offered in North America
Bomag is broadening its range of milling machines in North America with the addition of its rear rotor design BM -35 series. This is the second generation of Bomag’s milling machines and is available in three basic variants, the BM 1000 -35, 1200 -35, and 1300 -35. According to Bomag this new range offers advances in operator comfort, precision Controls and an innovative exclusive cutter system.

While developing these machines, Bomag worked closely with some key customers and one target of the design process was to minimise down-time that impacts on milling and can affect a contractor’s cost-effectiveness. High priority was in maximising the cutting tool life, while minimising tool replacement effort. Bomag developed its innovative BMS 15 interchangeable holder system which features a single bolt for holder retention and requires a low tightening torque. In addition the low front face position increases efficiency and overall milling power while allowing full tooth rotation.  A special tempered steel material offers a significantly longer service life versus conventional cutting systems and also provides Bomag’s traditional premium quality.

Operators also requested ease of operation and the -35 models have logical operating layouts and a vibration isolated operator's stand.
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