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05 March 2014

Brokk launches Brokk 60 and 400D demolition machines at Conexpo 2014 show

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Brokk 800 demolition machine
Brokk's new remote controlled demolition machine
Brokk is unveiling at Conexpo 2014 the Brokk 60 and Brokk 400D – its new remote controlled demolition machines. The launch represents the 11th generation of Brokk machines, and marks the company’s 35th year among the leading firms for demolition machine innovation and manufacturing.

At a height of just 87.37cm, 6.98cm lower than its predecessor, the Brokk 50, the Brokk 60 is said by Brokk to be the smallest remote-controlled demolition machine in the world. Weighing only 498kg, its low weight and size makes it ideal for applications where space is limited in industries as diverse as construction, demolition, metal processing, tunnelling, and nuclear.

The Brokk 60 is also said by Brokk to increase productivity with more breaking force, faster movements and a new control system. Brokk incorporated major improvements to the control system that enhance the unit’s reliability, create smoother operation and allow for continuous, accurate temperature and pressure monitoring. Improvements to the hydraulic system, which increased the unit’s flow rate from 21.14litres to 25.54litres per minute, allow the Brokk 60 to perform faster while delivering, the firm claims, 25% more power.  

Maintaining a horizontal reach of 2.49m and a vertical reach of more than 3.04m, the Brokk 60 features the same mounting plate as the Brokk 50 it replaces, so all the same attachments – breakers, crushers, buckets and grapples – are compatible. Like the Brokk 50, the Brokk 60 can be transported in an ordinary passenger lift as well as up and down stairs.

The 400D is said by Brokk to have enhanced durability and faster performance for applications where electricity is difficult to access, such as metal processing and tunnelling industries. It also offers, claims Brokk, a 60% increase in transport speed over the 330D and a boost to productivity with its new and improved control system. The system allows the operator to control the machine with quick, precise movements for accurate demolition and other complex tasks.

The new 400D has a slightly bigger envelope than the 330D, weighs just under a tonne more, and can reach out horizontally nearly 7m. With a total weight of 5.5tonnes, it can handle heavier attachments like the hard-hitting SB 552 breaker. It is also said to work well with attachments like crushers, grapples, drills and scabblers that are used with its sibling machine, the electric-powered Brokk 400. The 400D also features a powerful new engine.
Stand: P-8547
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