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28 January 2014

Caterpillar offers high performance, compact compactors

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Caterpillar CB24B XT utility compactors
Caterpillar's versatile new small compactors suit an array of needs
Caterpillar claims its new line-up of utility compactors offer a range of key upgrades. The CB22B, CB24B, CB24B XT, CB32B, CB34B, CB34B XW, CC24B and CC34B models are versatile compactors that share technical and performance features and compete in the 1.8-5tonne size range. Efficient compaction is said to be achieved due to better visibility, increased drum diameters, multiple frequency vibratory systems and optional ballast additions on some models. The B-Series compactors are equipped with C1.5 and C2.2 engines. A turbo-charged C1.5 model is offered for the North American market that meets the Tier 4 Final emissions requirements. In other regions of the world, the engines meet emissions equivalent to Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIA emission needs (the Stage IIIB emissions standards do not apply to this power rating class). The engines are equipped with multiple speed settings and an eco-mode system for fuel efficiency.

The vibratory system offers a range of frequencies and single amplitude that provide lower sound levels and job site versatility. Increased drum diameters provide efficient compaction, while the smooth rear tyres on the CC24B and CC34B variants provide a kneading action for a tight mat finish. A 50mm drum offset allows good control when working close to a kerb, while the machines have various ballast options. Meanwhile the water spray system has a large capacity for up to 12 hours of use without refilling.

Narrow frame designs and contoured engine covers are said to maximise visibility to the drum edges and front of the machine. The control panel has a backlit LCD display and sealed switches with bright LED lights, while the ROPS and canopy options can be lowered without needing tools for transport or when low overhead obstructions exist.

This new line of utility compactors is designed for the rental market and offers easy operation, durable components, extensive legroom, and fuel-efficient engines. Typical applications include compaction duties on streets, cycle paths, patch repairs, parking areas, driveways, town centres, and shoulder work.
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