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07 March 2014

Counterweight technology key feature of new Manitowoc cranes

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Manitowoc MLC560
Manitowoc MLC560
Manitowoc has introduced two new crawler cranes that feature what the company calls “game-changing” counterweight technology.

The company introduced the 300tonne MLC300 and the 650tonne MLC650 on Wednesday. Among the features of the new cranes are their Variable Position Counterweight, or VPC.

“The VPC is game-changing technology,” said John Kennedy, senior vice president of crawler cranes. “This new technology will have a significant impact on the lifting industry, as it enhances crane capacities, reduces mobilisation time on the job site, and in the end, saves customers a significant amount of time and money.”

The VPC system automatically positions the counterweight to fit the required lift. The counterweight moves along the rotating bed and is automatically positioned based on changes in boom angle.

Advantages for customers include reduced ground preparation, lower ground-bearing pressure and less counterweight – without sacrificing capacity. Customers will not have to buy, transport or install as much counterweight compared with a traditional configuration, the company said. The smaller footprint Plus the Variable Position Counterweight system enable the cranes to easily move around a job site.

The counterweight boxes are also designed to be common across multiple crane platforms.

The MLC300 features 96m of boom and has the option of a fixed jib attachment of 30m. A 96m luffing jib can be added to extend its reach to 144m. The MLC650 has a 104m main boom to which a 30m fixed jib can be added. A 101m luffing jib can be added to reach a maximum 157m.

Both cranes are good fits for energy-related projects, including refineries and power plants, as well as infrastructure applications.
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