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05 March 2014

GOMACO offers additional capabilities for 9500 at Conexpo

First publishedCONEXPO-CON/AGG
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GOMACO 9500 paver
9500 paver from GOMACO
Gomaco is now increasing the versatility of its 9500 concrete trimmer with the installation of the firm’s proprietary and exclusive G+ control technology and G+ Connect system. With the installation of the G+ system on the 9500, the firm also introduced other updates on allowing the machines capabilities to include trimming, concrete and asphalt placing, and shoulder trimming. The firm says that the wiring in the 9500 operator’s console has been redesigned and a rear steer control is now offered for the first time, while the trimmer load control can be monitored on a digital readout. And several other features have also been added with the G+ system.

With the G+ system the 9500 now has an updated CAN-based operator’s remote control with a digital machine control display. The control box has selections for conveyor control and travel and steering, while a joystick allows for new proportional control and movement of the discharge conveyor.

Connections for the remote control are located at the front and rear of the operator platform. The 9500 now features two ground level remotes, with the G+ MiniMote assisting in connecting the trimmerhead or hopper, and loading the machine. The second new remote is for the 9500’s hopper when the machine is being used as a concrete placer. The operator can use this to control the hitch when locking onto dump trucks, vibration in the hopper, and raising and lowering the machine to adjust the height of the hopper. Both of the ground remotes can be operated from either side of the 9500.

The 9500 rear steer control allows the machine to back up on stringline. The machine also has a digital readout for trimmerhead load control, which shows pressure and flow during the trimming process and will automatically slow the machine during a heavy trim. The 9500 will operate on stringline, 3D stringless Controls and G+ features a range of sensor capabilities for controlling slope, grade and steer with set-up configurations for an array of project requirements. The machine can be used with 3D stringless systems, laser Controls, sonic sensors, rotary sensors, slope sensors. Connecting through the G+ Connect system means that the G+ controller automatically recognises the control system and allows two-way communication.

The 9500’s G+ console features a master controller assembly and power distribution center for fast and precise control with clean and orderly wiring and labeling for easy troubleshooting. The design layout of the console has also been reorganised with the hydraulics separated from the electronics. Two sliding and locking covers protect the panels.

The two-track 9500 with front-mounted trimmer allows trimming to the end of each pass or within inches of obstacles. The powerful single-drive, hydrostatic motor offers ultimate production. The steady, easily controlled travel speed guarantees accurate trimming and job-site mobility. The 9500 can make a 360° turn within its own length for maximum maneuverability around a job-site that has challenging conditions. The 9500’s rear conveyor has a 914mm wide belt and a 10.6m long reach during machine operation, and a conveyor belt speed of 153.6m/minute allows fast placing of concrete or removal of trimmed material. The rear conveyor has a 160 degree swing with hydraulic height adjustment up to 3.7m. The optional hydraulically folding rear conveyor allows job-site mobility, safe operation, and transportability.

All Gomaco machines featuring the G+ control system have an operator’s horn and a back-up alarm. The operator’s remote control has an emergency stop button on the side and there are several emergency stops located around the 9500.
Stand: C-51059
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