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25 February 2014

Kobelco is upgrading its crane range with added functionality

First publishedCONEXPO-CON/AGG
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Kobelco CKE2500G
Kobelco says its latest cranes offer performance increases over earlier models
Kobelco is introducing its G-series cranes, which are said to be more versatile, easier to transport, assemble and also operate. Advanced features include a nested boom for easier transport, and footprints smaller than other cranes in the same size class for better manoeuvrability.

The cab and design of the crane add to the operator’s comfort and safety. The new G Mode is said to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, with winches providing maximum speed even at low idle and an Auto Idle Stop system that turns off the engine when the crane is not working, reducing emissions. Power comes from new Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB compliant diesels, with lower emissions and a 30% drop in fuel consumption as well as an increase in rated output across the range. The new large cabs offer lower noise levels and greater comfort, as well as better all-round visibility. Improvements in the cab include an LMI touch screen, a counterweight detection device, an improved counterweight self-installation mechanism, new short control levers, a swing limiter, anemometer, and reduced charts.

The CK1100G now offers a lifting capacity of 100tonnes, with boom length spans from 12.2-61m and power from a Hino diesel rated at 212kW. The CK1600G has a capacity of 145tonnes and has nested boom length spans from 15.24-76.2m and is powered by a 271kW Hino diesel. The CK2750G has a maximum lift capacity of 248tonnes, has nested boom length spans from 15.24-91.4m and is powered by a 271kW Hino diesel.
Stand: S-4408
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