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05 March 2014

Komatsu’s D155 dozer offers Tier 4 Final compliance and greater efficiency

First publishedCONEXPO-CON/AGG
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 Komatsu D155 Dozer
Komatsu claims its upgraded D155 dozer offers more performance
Komatsu’s upgraded D155AX-8 crawler dozer meets Tier 4 Final requirements and is powered by an SAA6D140E-7 engine rated at 264kW. Not only does the engine produce lower emissions, it is also said to be more productive, dependable and efficient, with lower fuel consumption and better response. The machine weighs in at 40.6tonnes in standard configuration. The latest KOMTRAX remote monitoring technology is fitted and delivers data on fuel levels, operating hours and location, as well as collating key information for multiple operators. The control software is integrated with the after-treatment system as well as the machine’s onboard diagnostics and telematics.

Improved earthmoving is claimed with the SIGMADOZER blade, which has a capacity of 9.65m³ and is said to increase productivity by up to 15% over a conventional semi-u blade. The new blade increases soil-holding capacity and lowers digging resistance, providing a smoother flow of material and allowing greater quantities of material to be moved using less power.

The engine drives through an automatic gearshift transmission and lock-up torque converter, further reducing fuel consumption and increasing efficiency.

The firm claims that the lock-up torque converter can cut fuel consumption by up to 10% while machine power is maintained. The D155AX-8 has an electronic control power train system that improves operation and productivity. When operating on uneven ground, a K-bogie undercarriage system keeps the correct alignment between the rollers and links for a smoother ride as well as longer component life.

The machine comes with Komatsu’s CARE package which provides scheduled maintenance for the first three years or 2,000 hours, as well as a 50-point inspection at each service and two complimentary KDPF exchanges in the first five years.
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