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06 March 2014

Ruukki showcases energy-efficient specialised steels

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Ruuki Optim steel
Ruukki's Optim brand of ultra-high-strength steel
Finland-based steel specialist Ruukki, recently launched in the North American steel market, is now showcasing its energy-efficient specialised steels and winning new business. For instance, Link-Belt Construction Equipment is now using Ruukki’s Optim brand of ultra-high-strength steel to manufacture its next-generation of telescopic crane booms.

The 130-year-old Lexington, Kentucky-based company has designed a family of telescopic boom cranes ranging in lift capacity from 27.2tonnes to 249.5tonnes – all built with advanced materials and technologies, including Ruukki steel.

Ruukki says its metals expertise lies in specialised steels developed with direct quenching technology that provides excellent mechanical properties such as superior surface quality, core hardness and uniform toughness. In addition to its Optim steel, Ruukki offers Raex wear-resistant steel, which is also being marketed in North America.

According to Ruukki, Optim is ideal for frame structures in commercial vehicles, mobile machines, equipment booms and other heavy lifting equipment, while Raex is a wear-resistant steel with a hardness and impact toughness best suited for bucket trucks and containers, mining equipment, platform structures, feeders and other high-wear applications.

Ruukki’s direct quenching technology enables the energy-efficient manufacture of high-strength and wear-resistant metals using hot-rolled steel quenched at about 900°C to ambient temperature immediately after rolling. This saves energy because the reheating stage after hot-rolling is omitted.

“Customers are able to design energy-efficient products with lighter structures, longer service life and higher payloads using our high-strength and wear-resistant special steels,” said Thomas Hörnfeldt, senior vice president, Ruukki Metals.

“Our customers have achieved savings in tare weight of up to 20-30% in heavy vehicles. This has enabled a 4% to 7% higher payload on top of fuel savings.”
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