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06 March 2014

Sandvik Construction: return of the Ranger series of drill rigs

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Sandvik Ranger DX800 Rig
Return of the Ranger: Sandvik Construction's new DX800 surface top hammer drill rig
Sandvik Construction has unveiled a new and improved version of the former best-selling Ranger series of surface top hammer drill rigs.

The new version, Sandvik Ranger DX800, combines the strong heritage of the famous surface drill rigs with the latest drilling innovations and a significantly smaller appetite for fuel, said the company.

Known to many by their former name, Ranger, Sandvik’s DX series surface top hammer drill rigs all feature a revolving superstructure enabling large drilling coverage from the standard 17.6m2 to a US standard 26.4m2 .

While able to rotate, stability is guaranteed thanks to its innovative structure, keeping counterweight at all times on the opposite side of the boom.

In addition, the rig features, for example, a THC700 drilling control system that automatically adjusts to changing rock formations and sends an optimal amount of power to the rock. This has been designed to ensure smooth rotation, solid rock contact and fast penetration in different rock conditions.

Carrying the names of the renowned Ranger and the Sandvik DX rigs, the new rig is designed to meet the needs of modern day surface drilling. It is said to offer new qualities to the market, the most important one being low fuel consumption.

“At Sandvik, we aim at continuously improving the energy-efficiency in our rigs, and low fuel consumption can be considered a distinguishing feature of the entire product line,” says Pekka Kesseli, vice president, Surface Drilling, Sandvik Construction.

“The new Ranger DX800 is no exception to this rule. The new rig will significantly reduce our customers’ operating costs due to its low fuel consumption rates that are achieved with a new advanced eco-package and engine rpm adjustment.”

Another feature is improved tramming force, which has increased by over 10%.

Equipped with a low-consumption and low emission Tier IV Final CAT 7.1 engine (168 kW), the Ranger DX800 utilises DPF technology with a common rail-type fuel injection system and is able to produce high torque with lower rpm level. In the Ranger DX800, the standard level of 1,800 has been dropped to 1,600rpm, and on average this translates into 5.5litres less fuel consumed per active hour.  

Coming with the proven rock drill HL810T as a standard, it can also be upgraded by changing it to a high frequency HF810T drill.

The unit can drill hole diameters of between 27–76mm.

“The newer HF810T has successfully been on the market for three years in Scandinavia. It offers around 10% higher penetration rates and better hole quality than its predecessor,” says Ilkka Lahdelma, product line manager Surface Drills, Sandvik Construction.
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