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28 January 2014

Sophisticated weighing for loaders

First publishedCONEXPO-CON/AGG
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Loup Electronics RDS bucket weighing technology
Loup Electronics is offering the sophisticated RDS bucket weighing technology to the US market
Sophisticated on-board weighing systems for use with wheeled loaders and excavators are being offered by Loup Electronics. The innovative LOADEX 100 is a retrofittable scale installed on tracked and wheeled excavators and material handlers to weigh the amount of material load in the bucket or grab. Pressure signals are captured, filtered and corrected by measuring the angle of the main boom using either an RDS Inclinometer or Mechanical Angle sensor. When used dynamically, the pressures are captured through a set weighing zone. The system may also be used in static weighing mode; the boom can either be lifted to a set weighing position where the pressure is captured, or measuring constantly in a live mode at any required boom height. Both dynamic and static weighing positions are adjustable by the operator to suit any job required, which will enable the machine to be used at its most efficient output. All calculations are made in the LOADEX 100 Weighing Module, with the resultant calculation sent via CAN protocol to the LOADEX 100 terminal in the cabin. Load and store information is saved in the terminal where it can be distributed to an in-cab printer, modem or internal SD flash card. Also new to North America is the WEIGHLOG VUE on-board weighing scale for wheeled loaders.  An all-new CAN based system combining cutting edge sensor technology and signal processing techniques, the WEIGHLOG VUE provides precise and consistent bucket weight information and emphasises the gains in productivity and profitability that can be achieved with such technology. The system is said to boost loading times, cut cycle times and optimise machine operation. It can be retrofitted onto an array of wheeled loaders and measures hydraulic pressures using up to four sensors. All signals are processed in the RDS Smart Box and the resultant weight calculation is sent to the terminal. There is a blend facility with an infinite number of mixes and products. GPRS or Wi-Fi connectivity provides one or two-way communication with the back office to send and receive job information.
Stand: S-64109
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