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06 March 2014

Tier 4 engines for Bobcat mini

First publishedCONEXPO-CON/AGG
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Bobcat MSeries E55
Bobcat's M Series minis achieve Tier 4 without a DPF
Bobcat’s M Series mini excavators have moved to the Tier 4 emissions standard without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The E42, E45, E50 and E55 mid-size mini excavators use an ultra-low particulate combustion process engine, which in the two heavier models offers up to 12% more torque than previous models of a similar size. The excavators feature a cold weather protection system that recognises when engine temperatures are low and limits the maximum output to prevent premature component failure.

The E42 and E55 models have a conventional tailswing design, while the E45 is a zero tailswing model and the E50 a reduced tailswing design. The E42, E45 and E55 can all be supplied with a clamp-ready extending dipper arm. All four benefit from independent boom swing and auto-shift travel systems. Switchable auto-idle is also standard on all four excavators.
Stand: G-1501
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