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11 March 2014

VSS has improved its emulsion technology

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VSS slurry system
Improved performance is claimed for the new VSS emulsion machine
VSS Macropaver is introducing an improved version of its successful slurry surfacing equipment, as well as upgraded variants of the mobile Minimac and skid-mounted emulsion plants. Vice president Doug Hogue said that the upgrades to the slurry surfacing machine will increase its performance as well as its ability to handle tough road repair jobs. He said, “We’ve a lot of updates on this machine. One of the big things is the fibre feeding.”

Hogue explained that the firm’s sister company is a contractor and has been using the fibres extensively in slurry surfacing applications. He said that the fibres allow the technique to be used for repairs on roads that would not otherwise be suitable for slurry technology as they help improve the road structure. The machine’s reporting capabilities have also been upgraded, providing contractors with more information about the jobs being handled for later analysis and reference. “We’re introducing data collection units on the machine. We can download data for daily reports. There are lots of improvements the previous system. It has better hardware and there are advancements in the software design.”

He continued, “We’ve made improvements to the design and construction of the machine. We’ve done some major upgrades on our micro-surfacing box.” This now offers a width range from 2.44-4.27m and Hogue said this offers an extra 300mm over competing machines. He continued, “Expandable boxes require a lot of cleaning and we’ve done a lot to permit that.”

He continued, “There are improvements to the way the operator interfaces to the machine.” He explained that making the machine easier to operate and allowing better reporting ensures that the contractor will increase working efficiency.

In addition the firm has improved its successful Minimax mobile emulsion plant. This now features twin tanks and these units are demountable. Hogue said, “We’re doing a lot of coloured slurries and we’re seeing a lot of interest in the machine.” That the tanks can be removed is a key issue as it allows a contractor to change these to suit the material and he said, “When you’re doing coloured emulsions there’s no need to do a complete clean out.”

Meanwhile the skid-mounted emulsion plant comes with a new control system to govern the material flow. This has a touchscreen system that allows an operator to input new emulsion mix characteristics. The skid package offers versatility as it allows the customer to set up the unit and be ready for use in a short space of time.
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