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17 April 2012

Soilmec adds to CFA rig offering

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Soilmec SF-65
The SF-90 and SF-60 on display
Italian foundation specialist Soilmec has added two rigs to its piling range.

The SF-65 replaces the previous SF-70 and answers customer requests for added versatility. The continuous flight auger (CFA) rig allows operators to drill all around the machine without having to relocate the tracks to bore at the corners as before. Powered by a 205kW diesel engine, the SF-65 can handle 1,000mm diameters to a depth of 27m.

The SR-90 is a cased augered pile (CAP) rig delivering multi-function versatility. The machine has twin rotary drives, for the auger and the casing, turning in opposite directions. The auger rotary offers 333kNm nominal torque, while the casing rotary delivers 350kNm.

A spoil chute system takes material from the top of the mast and delivers it to the base of the machine, making the SR-90 ideal for urban operation.

Outside: 2 Stand: D011