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Earthmoving and Excavation

22 February 2012

Remu’s splash hit at INTERMAT 2012

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REMU Big Float 800
Remu's new Big Float 800 is a smaller floating excavator that can work on marshlands and coast lines without fear of getting stuck or sinking.
REMU hopes its Big Float 800 floating excavator will be a splash hit on its unveiling at INTERMAT 2012.

The amphibious excavator weighs in at 12,500kg and can be transported even with three-axel trucks. With a boom length of 7.7m and digging depth of 4.1m, the Big Float 800, like REMU’s other Big Float models, is completely floating and can be brought to a job site by land using its tracks or towed or driven with propellers along waterways.

The machine’s extra pontoons and anchoring legs enable it to be operated in open water. Propellers can be added to extra pontoons to ease its travelling on water.

Established in 1997, Finland-based REMU say its Big Float excavators account for 25% of its annual turnover.   

Outside: E2
Stand: Paris Demo B007