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17 April 2012

Hybrid excavator offers 20% fuel saving and cut in CO2

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Hitachi ZH200 Hybrid Excavator
Hitachi opts for capacitors on ZH200 Hybrid excavator
Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) is evaluating demand for its ZH200 Hybrid excavator in Europe. The 20 tonne excavator, which is already sold in Japan, uses a hydraulic/electric swing motor to generate electrical power under braking, which is stored in a capacitor alongside the machine’s cooling pack. The electrical power is used to boost slew speed and also feeds a secondary hydraulic motor, to assist the diesel engine when there is a demand for hydraulic power.

Hitachi claims that the system offers a 20% fuel saving and corresponding drop in CO2 emissions, compared to a standard ZX200-3 excavator.

In future, as technology develops, the company expects to be able to fit the machine with a smaller diesel engine, offering further fuel savings, with the additional power being supplied by the electrical system.

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