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Hydraulics & Drive-train Components

20 April 2012

INTERMAT launch for Dynavis hydraulic oil

Chemical company Evonik has formulated an additive pack that creates multi-grade hydraulic oil for excavators. It is said to deliver a significant improvement in fuel efficiency compared to traditional mono-grade hydraulic oils.

It’s called Dynavis and the key, said Evonik, is a clever viscosity improver that prevents aeration, which can cause cavitation and a loss of performance in hydraulic pumps. Dynavis’ technology is a closely guarded secret - it is not available as a pour-in additive, but is sold in bulk to oil blenders.

It takes less power to pump a multi-grade hydraulic oil around the system when cold, and less time for it to reach an acceptable operating temperature. But Evonik said that the real benefits come at the other end of the temperature scale, where fuel savings from 5-30% are available.
A mono-grade oil that becomes very thin when hot can become susceptible to internal leakage past pumps and valves, causing excavators to feel sluggish and lazy – it’s called machine slump. As oil leaks internally, it produces more heat through the oil shearing process and a vicious cycle of becoming thinner and hotter simply gathers momentum.

A multi-grade hydraulic oil will retain its viscosity when hot, said Evonik, and as a result is less likely to suffer from internal leakage.

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