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21 March 2012

Guntert & Zimmerman has developed extra capabilities for its S600 paver which is now available worldwide

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Guntert & Zimmerman S600 paver
Guntert & Zimmerman is now offering its new S600 paver worldwide
Guntert & Zimmerman is now offering its new S600 multi-purpose slipform paver to the international market. The machine has been designed to be adaptable and versatile and can handle smaller projects. The firm says it meets a need for a small or medium, versatile, multi-purpose paver that retains the ability to achieve good smoothness, as well as being productive. The firm says the machine comes with time saving options that allow a contractor more paving hours in the day and more paving days during the season.

The S600 is said to be in a class of its own bybeing able to carry out duties for both single lane and mid-size paver classes. It suits duties in city streets, secondary roads, highway and airport paving, as well as a wide range of other applications such as barrier walls, off-set paving and zero or minimum clearance paving, and canal lining. New attachments and features are also being developed for the S600.

The patented optional AccuSteer and SmartLeg features are said to save the contractor time on site manoeuvring, loading and unloading as well as reducing hand pours. Using the firm’s proven, rugged paving kit, the S600 is capable of achieving good smoothness numbers on tough projects using conventional stringline or 3D stringless references.

The G&Z S600 features a patented double telescopic tractor frame, access walkway, and hose hinges for a nominal working range of 2.44-6.7m with up to 2.13m of telescopic extension/side. This is claimed to be the widest range in the industry. With the addition of optional bolt-in tractor frame extensions, the S600 tractor can extend up to 7.5m with a dowel bar inserter (DBI) with hydraulic vibrators or 8m with electric vibrators and 9m without a DBI. The paving kit, front tie bar inserter and many of the other optional attachments on the S600 are interchangeable with other G&Z paver models. The paving kit is available with G&Z’s patented and proven TeleEnd system. These are telescopic paving kit end sections which allow hydraulic telescopic ability 915mm/end or 1.25m/end with the new TeleEndXL.

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