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23 February 2012

SUMITOMO’s innovative, wide extending asphalt paver screed

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SUMITOMO New J screed for paver
SUMITOMO is now offering an innovative screed design
SUMITOMO’s novel new asphalt screed is said to offer wider extension than other designs on the market at present, increasing versatility for the contractor. The firm says that this screed can be extended to 2.5 times its minimum width, compared with twice the width for other existing models available. This special telescoping system allows a paver to be feature a more compact width for use in restricted areas than other machines with a similar maximum width. The 2360 model offers a maximum paving width of 6m while it can be retracted to a width of 2.3m, compared with 2.5m for a conventional design. Meanwhile the larger 3075 model can be extended hydraulically from 3-7.5m. For both units this has been achieved by mounting the extending screed sections to the front and rear of the central unit, rather than side by side as in a conventional design. The novel mounting allows the extending sections to telescope further than on standard screeds, providing greater versatility to the user. Bolt-on extensions can also be used as with conventional units, further increasing paving width for SUMITOMO’s new 2360 and 3075 screed models in comparison with rival designs. Customers are offered a choice of electric or LPG screed heating, while the units have the firm’s proven STV tamper bar and vibration features for pre-compaction, providing good finish. The 2360 screed is offered on the firm’s wheeled HA60W and tracked HA60C pavers, as well as the HTP60W tack coat machine. The 3075 screed is offered on the 22.6tonne HA90C paver, which offers paving widths of 3-7.5m using hydraulic extension and up to 9m with bolt-on units fitted.

  Hall: 5A Stand: D011