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22 March 2012

Dust can’t settle with MB

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MB Dustcontrol's new dust suppression SprayCannon range, live at INTERMAT 2012
MB Dustcontrol's new dust suppression SprayCannon range, live at INTERMAT 2012
MB Dustcontrol is launching at INTERMAT 2012 its new range of Dust Suppression SprayCannon units for demolition, recycling, quarrying and handling of bulk material applications.

The range contains solutions to diminish the emissions of dust in both inside and outside work areas. The mechanism consists of binding dust particles with droplets of water (fog) sprayed from the SprayCannon. The water droplets weigh down the dust particles, which fall more quickly to the ground through gravity. The fan in the tube accelerates the movement of air.

Combined with the compression created by the tapered tube, the fan generates an airflow that Holland-based MB says is strong enough to thrust the fine water particles in the path of the stream of air and transport them over a longer distance. Very fine water droplets are needed to bind the emitted dust as optimally as possible. MB says the smaller the size of the droplet, the better it can bind the dust particles. Fine mists are created by using a booster pump to increase the water pressure and press the water through special water nozzles/sprayers. The very fine water droplets are then carried away by the fast-flowing stream of air.

According to MB, SprayCannon 90 can spray up to a distance of 100metres or 35metres high by using 3500 L/h. Meanwhile, the smallest machine in the range - SprayCannon 25 - can spray up to 25metres or 12metres high by using 500 L/h. MB says its SprayCannon range is equipped for mobile or fixed solutions.

Each of the SprayCannons range is capable of electric horizontal and vertical rotation. They can also be tailor made for use by remote control and for transport by means including wheels, trolley and cage.

MB says its SprayCannon’s effectiveness has been endorsed by several independent studies.

Hall: 6 Stand: J013