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06 February 2015

Ammann offers sophisticated plant control package

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Ammann asphalt / concrete plant control system
Ammann has developed a sophisticated plant control package
Ammann says that the latest version 4.5 of its sophisticated as1 control and routing system platform offers extra capabilities for mix production. The system offers an extensive range of functions but is said to be simple to operate due to the fully-automated plant control. Key features offered by the as1 package include additional modules such as the RA dynamic system. This allows the reclaimed asphalt feed to be tailored to mix requirements during production. Meanwhile the load-out module allows for efficient and safe loading of trucks automatically. Highly versatile, the package can be supplied for use on asphalt plants, concrete plants and sand and gravel plants. It can also be tailored for use on both batch production or continuous-flow type plants. Modular in configuration, it can be adapted as required and then modified to suit changing customer needs if required.

Using the as1 package and its duty-specific modules can lower production costs will optimising working efficiency and output quality according to the firm. Energy and maintenance costs can be minimised while productivity can be maximised. Statistical and reporting options provide data on operations that can be stored for later use. Other features of the as1 include peak load management (PSM) providing support for the mixing master to avoid load peaks, comprehensive statistics and evaluations and the generation of mixes for varying quantities of reclaimed asphalt that can be changed even during production cycles.

Another important feature is that the firm’s as1 system can be retrofitted to existing plants, increasing the efficiency of earlier generation equipment significantly. The company can tailor these controls to suit the needs of the application and the customer.

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