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02 February 2015

ATLAS goes electric with the new excavator 350MH-E

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Atlas MH350 electric excavator
Atlas MH350, an all-electric excavator, with sliding door
Atlas is unveiling its newest excavator, the 350MH-E. It is so new that only the prototype was available at the beginning of this year, but the company is proud of its all-electric version of its best-selling 350MH.

Atlas claims the electric version will have around 25% less operating cost than a traditional excavator. But even though it is electric, it uses 95% of the same parts are the non-electric model making just as easy to maintain.

The 170kW engine gets its power through 80m of cable wrapped around a cable wheel at the rear of the vehicle. Power is through a 24V 40A transformer and total power of the machine is around 70kW.

The operator has a better view to the rear of the machine because of a lower vehicle profile, thanks to the electric engine. The operator also has electric climate control and heating and there is an optional rear-view camera with colour display. Atlas is continually updating its equipment and the new cabs now have LED interior lighting and a removable lower windscreen for better visibility and come with a sliding door.

The 160Wsr short-tail wheeled excavator now has the same equipment as found in the standard wheeled excavator range, including the 05-electronics and automatic air conditioning as standard. It is now also possible to program the oil pressure and flow for up to 10 attachment tools.

All machines with Deutz and Cummins engines are equipped with an engine-stop function.

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