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24 April 2015

CECE and CISMA check machines’ compliance at INTERMAT

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Experts checked 45 stands at INTERMAT and found that seven were exhibiting machines not compliant with European Union regulations. CECE, the Committee for European Construction equipment, and CISMA, the French association of construction machinery manufacturers, toured the stands before the opening of the show.

The inspecting delegation included experts from CISMA; a representative of the CECE office; a Paris court bailiff, and a representative from INTERMAT organisers, COMEXPOSIUM.

“During the inspection, CECE and CISMA explained to the companies the reasons why the machines they were exhibiting could not be legally sold in the EU market. Some companies agreed to indicate on the machines their lack of compliance with the EU relevant legislation. This is an evidence of their goodwill which we really appreciate,” said Eric Lepine, president of CECE.

Renaud Buronfosse, director of CISMA, said that at the 2012 event at least 30% more non-compliant machines had been found.

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