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23 April 2015

CONTROLS’ French division triumphs overseas

First publishedINTERMAT
Daily News
Day 4
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CONTROLS Guy Margraff
CONTROLS France's general manager Guy Margraff
CONTROLS France is increasingly moving into north African markets with its testing equipment for bitumen, concrete and soils. “Algeria recently built the new highway from east to west so there has been a good demand for testing equipment,” says general manager Guy Margraff. “And in Morocco we have seen several private laboratories opening in recent years, who need to equip themselves with the appropriate equipment.” Among the machines that Margraff is showing at INTERMAT 2015 are the AUTOMAX E-Modulus for determining the Elastic Modulus and Poisson's Ratio of concrete and for automatic execution of compression, flexure and splitting tests on concrete and cement when connected to a suitable testing frames. Also on show is the Pavelab automatic binder extraction unit and the new AUTOTRIAX 2 for testing soils.  With its home market relatively quiet, the company sells to emerging markets where French is spoken, such as Ivory Coast. Closer to home, Margraff has noticed an upsurge in demand from Belgium. CONTROLS’ French subsidiary was founded in 1993.

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