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06 February 2015

Doosan highlights new wheeled excavators

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Doosan’s DX170W wheeled excavator
Doosan's DX170W wheeled excavator is said to offer 10% more engine power than its prior generation model
Doosan’s two new Stage IV/Tier 4 Final wheeled excavators are said to set a new benchmark for wheeled excavator design globally.

The 17tonne DX170W-5 and 21tonne DX210W-5 models boast a distinctive new machine styling scheme common to all new Stage IV/Tier 4 Final Doosan machines. Launched earlier this month (February 2015), Both wheeled excavators are said to offer enhanced comfort and controllability together with new features to improve fuel efficiency, uptime and return on investment. There is also a focus on increased power, robustness and agility.  

The DX170W-5 has 10% more engine power, 5% more engine torque and 5% more traction force compared to the previous generation model.  The swing speed can now reach 10.8rpm/minute and swing torque has been increased by 4%.  Main pump capacity has increased by 9%, and due to increased pressure in the new Negacon hydraulic system there is 10% more bucket force and 3% extra arm force.       

The extra 220kg of the counterweight in the DX170W-5 coupled with respective increases of 4cm and 5cm in the machine width and wheel base are said to have drastically increased lifting capacities, while also improving stability and comfort when driving.  The over the front lifting capacity is up 10%, whilst the lifting capacity over the side has gone up by 6%.  Other important aspects include the new ‘CabSus’ cab suspension system which reduces vibration by 20% and a massive 4dBA reduction in cab noise.

The new DX210W-5 excavator is powered by a six-cylinder, turbocharged Doosan DL06P water-cooled diesel engine provides an output of 141.2kW at 1900 rpm, a huge 17% increase in engine power over the previous generation machine.  

As well as the DL06P engine, new innovative and exclusive features have been introduced that reduce fuel consumption by an average of 10%.  Among them is the new ‘Trip Meter Setting’ screen which allows operators to check fuel consumption daily (or over a desired period) directly from the control panel.

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