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05 February 2015

Hidromek’s new backhoe loader series

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Hidromek HMK 102 B backhoe loader
Hidromek is introducing a new range of backhoe loaders
Hidromek has developed a new range of backhoe loaders. Designed to be versatile, mobile and productive, these new backhoe loaders offer increased performance over the models now being replaced. The new Alpha Series HMK 102 B backhoe loaders are manufactured at Hidromek’s factory in Izmir and area available in an array of models and configurations to best suit customer needs. The top-of-the-range model is the HMK 102 S Alpha variant, which offers equal size wheels. The standard model is the HMK 102 B Supra variant. Both variants are able to use a wide array of attachments, while being easy to drive, comfortable and featuring low noise, high visibility cabs. Different versions are available for sale into developed or emergent markets, depending on the noise and exhaust emissions regulations.

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