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24 April 2015

IRIUM launches web, mobile and reporting modules for its ERP software

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Irium Group Solutions manager
Nicolas Crouzevialle, solutions manager, IRIUM

IRIUM Group, a French software developer dedicated to the construction equipment distributor, rental and repair company market, has introduced modules to give users greater accessibility to its enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. iWEB Client is a module that enables users of IRIUM to give access to the application to their end-user customers. For example, a construction equipment repair company can give its customers access to information about its vehicles, such as the number of vehicles undergoing maintenance and their history of repair. “The iWEB Client module gives end-users more after-sales information and enables them to anticipate potential problems,” says Nicolas Crouzevialle, solution manager for IRIUM.

The iMOB Service enables field technicians to access the IRIUM software via smartphones or tablets to get information while they are on site and to upload information back to the office. Mechanics and other technicians can receive data about jobs and parts and also record and submit further requests and orders from clients. A geolocation function allows a dealer to identify the nearest technician to a problem site and instantly send instructions to find the site and the nature of the problem. The iReporting module enables users to pull information from the IRIUM system directly into an Excel spreadsheet for calculation, analysis and reporting. The module allows users to create dashboards to better visualise performance and other information – a facility that is particularly useful during difficult economic periods, says Crouzevialle.

Other modules planned for release are a workflow module to automate and improve administrative efficiency, and a financial data exchange module for France and Germany that uses the EBICS data exchange format. “Web, mobility, information visibility and administrative efficiency will continue to be the main themes of our software development,” says Crouzevialle.

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