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23 April 2015

John Deere opts for Integrated emissions control

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John Deere Emissions Control
Telematics can help to prevent downtime

John Deere Power Systems, has completed its Stage IV engine line-up, now offering 2.9-litre, 4.5-litre, 6.8-litre and 13.5-litre engines with power outputs of 30kW to 448kW. The company is using three Integrated Emissions Control system configurations to meet the Stage IV/Tier 4 Final standard.

For engines in the 36-55kW range John Deere is using an exhaust filter that contains a DOC and a DPF, but without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) or SCR. The 56-104kW engines are equipped with cooled EGR and the Integrated Emissions Control system, containing SCR and a DOC.

Deere’s engines above 93kW will have the emissions control with cooled EGR, a DOC/DPF and SCR.

The company believes that this modular approach will allow it to meet Stage V regulations when they arrive in 2019/2020. It will however retain the two box approach, rather than trying to fit DOC, DPF and SCR systems into a single module.

“We know how Stage V will go so far and we are very confident about our ability to meet the standards with very little modification,” said OEM sales manager Patrick Thil.

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