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22 April 2015

Magni’s new telescopic handler reaches a record 35m

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Magni RTH 5.35
The RTH 5.35 which stretches up to 35m
Magni has launched the world’s highest telescopic handler - the RTH 5.35 which stretches up to 35m.

“Ours is the biggest in the world; the maximum reach of our competitors is 32m,” says Magni’s president and founder Riccardo Magni. “The normal market is 21m and 25m. We are trying to push the market up.” Since the machine was launched in November last year, Magni has sold to 20 customers in India, Turkey, UK, France, Holland, Sweden and the US.

“The dealers like it because it is something different for them to show their customers,” says Magni. The new machine – which officially reaches 34.7m and has a capacity of 2.2 tonnes – will be used largely in civil engineering applications such as rock-bolting. Its range of possible attachments includes a remotely-controlled drilling rig, developed by Magni and Norwegian firm Correct Maskin. “The drill is 100% radio controlled so that there is no driver in the cab when the drilling is taking place,” says Magni. “That’s very important from a safety perspective.” Magni, which launched in 2012 and last year turned over [Euro]31m, has introduced a host of new technologies to its ranges of telehandlers and has 13 patents to protect them. The RTH 5.35, which completes the family of rotating machines, required innovations on the boom to reach its record-breaking heights. The boom is made of a lightweight material and its two cylinders for extension and lifting are both outside the boom, with only hoses and pipes inside it.

This offers more available space to move during extension and retraction of the boom. The RTH 5.35’s chassis is just 15cm longer than that of the RTH 5.30 and has been reinforced to resist the big strains to which the machine is exposed in working at such a height. Its transmission comprises a Euro 4 Final Mercedes engine producing 170kW a Bosch Rexroth hydrostatic pump and a Bosch Rexroth hydrostatic motor.

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