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24 April 2015

Mecalac 12MTX is user friendly, fuel efficient

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The Mecalac 12MTX
The Mecalac 12MTX is a combined excavator, loader, forklift and tool carrier.

The new Mecalac 12MTX features all the versatility of previous machines, with enhanced capabilities. The result is user-friendly, offering efficiencies in productivity and even fuel savings.

“It has a very intuitive operating concept,” said Bianca Sierks-Schilling of Mecalac. “It’s a very versatile and efficient machine.”

The 12MTX is essentially a combined excavator, loader, forklift and tool carrier in a single machine. It features an articulated boom and frame with a low centre of gravity.

It is built to dig with high efficiency and economy of movement. With a tilting angle of 140º, the machine loads without obstructing the operator’s view. The operator has free movement whether working in static position or slewing the upper structure.

The 12MTX can discharge a load directly into a hole or onto a foundation. The quick coupler enables utilisation of many attachments, while the articulated chassis provides manoeuvrability.

Speed control delivers fuel economy. “There are different modes, which enables fuel savings,” Sierks-Schilling said.

Operators also can change machine configurations to those of an excavator or loader, which improves safety and productivity. “It just takes a switch,” she added.

A patented technology also improves safety. When the operator raises the console to leave the cab, an extra step automatically emerges. When retracted, the step is incorporated within the machine, and therefore has no impact on manoeuvrability.

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