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27 March 2015

MOBA offering sophisticated excavator control system

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MOBA says that the modular concept behind its Xsite excavator control system ensures that the package can be used in a wide array of excavator installations and duties. The system can be set up for small or large projects and customers have a choice of a simpler 2D package or a more sophisticated 3D system. Because the Xsite is modular, customers opting for the 2D unit can also upgrade it to offer the complete 3D package later on, if required. This unit includes a large touchscreen display, said to be the biggest on the market for a 2D excavator control system. To upgrade the basic 2D package to a 3D system the customer merely has to add the GNSS capability. This allows a user to generate simple 3D profiles on site. Measuring and checking work is largely eliminated thanks to the system's GNSS positioning functionality. Meanwhile the optional GNSS compass allows machine orientation to be seen.

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