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24 April 2015

MOBA system measures temperatures, improves quality

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MOBA Pave-IR system
The MOBA Pave-IR system sensor improves access and accuracy
MOBA’s paving quality control technology just became more accurate and easier for crews to utilise. The MOBA Pave-IR temperature system now utilises a sensor, more accurate than the previous laser beam technology. The sensor also provides easy crew access. The use of the sensor, compared with the previous beaming system, is a significant step forward, said Marcus Watermann, Product Manager for Paving Quality Systems at MOBA Mobile Automation. “The improved access is important because the systems is a key tool,” said Watermann. “The data it delivers is important.” The sensor reads immediately behind the screed and detects hot and cold spots. The information can lead to immediate adjustments, such as lowering paver speeds. It also can gather data that can spot ongoing issues, such as making too many paver stops. “The information helps you make it better the same day, or the next day,” Watermann said.

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