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23 April 2015

New Leica Geosystems grade control works in more applications

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Leica Geosystems has introduced a new product that works in more applications and helps inexperienced operators succeed.

Leica Geosystems has introduced a dual-control system for graders that works in more applications, including crab walking and slope work.

The Leica iCON grade iGG4 means designs and applications previously thought to be beyond control technology now can be handled.

“We actually can account for both sides of the machine with this product,” said Nick Guadagnoli, program manager for the Leica Geosystems Machine Control Division.

The blade control can be utilised in more applications, including ditch cutting or spreading material with the blade rotated and raked. All can be accomplished without sacrificing accuracy or speed.

The technology also helps inexperienced operators perform like veterans.
“Now the operator just needs to focus on positioning the machine and driving,” Guadagnoli said. The iGG4 takes care of lift, tilt and side shift.
Operators can grade faster by running machines in automatic mode, while moving with precision in any direction. The easy-to-understand user interface also benefits operators.

Leica iCON iGG4 uses a dual antenna configuration and the iCON gps 80 receiver.

Contractors’ equipment investments are maximised because tasks are accomplished using fewer machines, and the number of hours it takes to complete a task are reduced. “To put it simply, that motor grader can be a lot more productive now,” Guadagnoli concluded.

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